Crossing into God’s Will

Text: John 5:30; Matthew 26:36-45

Crossings are scheduled events that we have to come to so as to progress into the next things in our lives. Crossings are necessary when you need to change associations, career, location, accommodation or lifestyle. At these points one has to make a crossing from one side of life to the other. It is vital and important that we make these crossings properly so we can be where God wants us and not where satan wants us.

One of the crossings that we have to make a couple of times or even more times in our lives is the crossing from our Will and other wills to God’s Will. Crossing into God’s Will can be difficult but it has the most effective reward and result.

God’s Will is the counsel that has been set for your existence. His Will is the reason why you exist in the first place. In heaven, a Will of God is set first and then, the kind of person that will carry it out is then created. God had set your purpose from the foundation of the World. And it is attached to one of His Eternal Purpose. You exist to carry out one of God’s plans. Find it and fulfill it.

Crossing from all other wills to God’s Will is what Jesus was teaching us how to do at the garden of Gethesemane. There are so many wills that are constantly contending with God’s Will. Your own will, the will of your parents, friends, boss, nation, enemies, lover and the will of satan. All these wills must be subdued so God’s Will can prevail. You have to cross in decision and fulfillment.

The decision for God’s Will must come from your heart otherwise you will soon be back in the contrary will. Jesus taught us to pray His Will. The other scripture also said that we should seek God’s Will. Jesus then prayed His own Will into surrender to the Father’s Will. So, ask for God’s Will, seek God’s Will and pray your will and other wills to surrender to God’s Will. There will always be times when you will and the other wills will not want to submit to God’s Will. The way to solve it is to pray them all into surrendering to God’s Will. Peace is in God’s Will.

Prayer Points:
Father, I ask for a clear revelation of Your Perfect Will to me in Jesus Mighty Name.
Father, help me to always pray for Your Will to prevail over all other wills in my life. Let all wills surrender to Yours in my life in Jesus Might Name
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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