Crossing Your Jordan

Text: Joshua 3:1-5, 14-17

There many types of crossings we have to make in the course of journey through this physical world. One of it is the Jordan Crossing. The Jordan crossing is the crossing from a wilderness season of training to a season of possessing your promised land. The training season is necessary for equipping us to take the promised land. Possessing the Promised Land is a season of war and and conquest. It is however, fulfilling because it is filled with stories of victories upon victories despite many temptations and trials.

Crossing the Jordan involves following strictly God’s instruction because, like the Children of Israel were told, “you have not passed this way before”. It’s a new path, so you need to follow the Holy Spirit’s direction and His Counsel through counselors who have gone that path before.

Crossing the Jordan also involves taking bold steps of faith based on God’s instruction. You are moving forward to possessing your promised land, so you must be courageous. Let God manifest His Mighty Hand enough as you cross, because these miracles will be the assurance for you of God’s Hand with you in the possessing of the land.

Final instruction is to carry God’s Presence with you like the Israelites carried the Ark of His Presence. Get more and more into the spiritual activities that will increase the intensity and frequency of God Manifest Presence in and around your life. Stay in Worship, the Word, Meditation and Silence. Practice His Presence and let Him constantly talk to you. You cross in Jesus Name

Prayer Points:
Father, help me to follow strictly the direction of the Holy Spirit and His Counsels through my leaders, counselors and mentors in Jesus Mighty Name
Father, let Your Presence be with me and increase in and around my life. Help me to possess my promised land in Jesus Mighty Name.
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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