Crossing Your Red Sea

Text: Exodus 14:8-31
We all come to crossing points many times in our lives. This crossing may be
in one area of our lives or the other. It could be in our health, finance, career,
profession, business and so on. We always need to have the right mind set
and knowledge of what God can and will do for us to be able to cross
properly and smoothly.
When your crossing is an escape or liberty from a particular oppressor to
freedom, then the example to study and meditate on is the crossing of the
Red Sea by the Israelites. They had lived in Egypt for four hundred and thirty
years and had been treated as slaves for more than half of those years. The
crossing of the Red Sea was the final leap out of the reach of Egypt forever.
They made it through by God’s Mercies and Grace. You will make it through
There are things in their crossing to take note of that may resonate with your
situation. One is that the enemy came to try and take them back or destroy
them. God’s defense (the Cloud of Fire) came between them and Egypt. God
will do the same for you. He will put something between you and the enemy
that they might have access to you, but they won’t be able to touch you.
Another thing is that God will create a channel of escape that will kill or
destroy the enemy if they try to follow you. What you need to do is to be
bold to obey God like Moses did. He stretched his rod out over the sea and it
opened. You must be bold to take the opportunities that opens up to you.
You must be bold to do the things that God tells you to do. One thing is sure,
you are untouchable and you will cross to safety and freedom. No matter
how terrorizing the enemy is, they won’t be able to touch you and they will
be destroyed in the process.
Prayer Points:
Father, I receive grace, courage, strength and boldness to cross all Red
Seas to total freedom and liberty this season in Jesus Mighty Name.
Father, I receive Your Divine Help to obey You and take bold steps in
line with all Your directions in the crossing of every Red Sea in Jesus
Mighty Name
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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