Epignosis School Of Business


A business school is designed to equip and train entrepreneurs with both business and spiritual skills sets that are needed for success in all business endeavors.

Our Entrepreneurship Program will equip you with core and -most important- spiritual and entrepreneurial skills set for success in your business development.

The Epignosis School of Business Entrepreneurship Program is made up of 2 modules.


This runs for 4 weeks which consist of;

1. One Class Session a week for 4 weeks

2. Weekly Assignments: 

    ⁃    Video Assignment: For this, you will be asked to watch some videos and complete graded quiz 1

    ⁃    Reading Assignment: You will be assigned a document to read and afterwards complete graded quiz 2

At the end of this program

    1.    You will be trained to know how to hear from God for your business

    2.    You will be equipped to run a successful business

    3.    You will equipped to read, understand and set up your business financials 

    4.    You will be equipped with basic marketing tools for your business

    5.    You will be equipped with the spiritual tools that you need to have an edge over others in your sector

Program Fee: $50

Visit our website for the next session: www.PaulOlashore.org

Contact: +234 8140000343 | +234 903 0000 138