Faith Speaks the Will of God even in Adverse Situations

Text: 2 Corinthians 4:13; Romans 10:10; 4:17-21

Faith is the main tool the New Creation needs to prevail and manifest all that God has put within them. The just shall live by faith. It’s the only way, if we would have great and mighty manifestation of the Will of God in our lives.

Many believers face temporal defeat which causes delay in the manifestation of the blessings and prophecies of God over their lives because, their faith stops speaking the Will of God in the midst of adversities. Your faith should only and always speak the Will of God. If it is not doing that, then go back to the promises and meditate on the Word until you hit your faith’s boiling point. Stay in the boiling point through continuance in meditation, especially when in the midst of opposition and adversity.

Keep yourself strong in faith like Abraham. Speak always and speak only the Will of God. Keep speaking this Will of God that is your expected end to the situation and the people until you obtain in the physical Your expected end. Faith does not speak its adversities or situation. Faith speaks only the Will of God in adversity.

Prayer Points:
Father, help me to stay in faith boiling point always, so I will be strong in faith when adversities come in Jesus Mighty Name.
Father, help me to maintain meditation in Your Promises so I will continue to be strong in Faith and give all glory to You in Jesus Mighty Name.
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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