Faith Speaks to the Challenges

Text: 2 Corinthians 4:13; Romans 10:10; Mark 11:23

Faith is the hand the believer uses to receive things from the supernatural into the natural. Faith is what the believer needs for victory in this life. The believer will reign in life by the exercise of his faith. Using your faith and growing your faith are skills you must develop.

Faith is a necessity for our victories. Learning to speak to challenges is an important skill for obtaining the victories that are already purchased for us on the Cross. We must learn and practice this until we get the keys of doing it.

David is our example for today’s study. Goliath was at one time a challenge that David had to face. A prophetic word of advice for someone reading. “The earlier you make up your mind to face your Goliath, the earlier you will come out of some unwanted experiences in your life. Wake up. You cannot walk around Goliath, you will have to go through him. So rise to face the Goliath now”.

David spoke to his challenge. He told his challenge two things. He told his challenge who he is really fighting and told his challenge the outcome of their fight. David told Goliath that he is really fighting the God of the armies of Israel. He committed God further when he said that. He also told him the outcome of the fight. He said that Goliath will be dead at the end of the fight. Faith speaks to challenges the mightiness of God’s Power and the outcome of everything.

Learn to speak to the challenge too. Speak to it or him or her. Tell them the mightiness of your God and the outcome of the episode. It will be as faith said.

Prayer Points:
Father, help me to always allow faith to speak to all my challenges according to Your Word in Jesus Mighty Name
Father, help me to allow my faith to declare Your Mightiness and the outcome of the situation always in Jesus Mighty Name.
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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