Faith’s Fight against lack of focus

Text: 1 Timothy 6:12; Philippians 3:10-15

Faith is the hand that the believer stretches out to receive from God. It is the very efficient instrument that conveys things from the spirit realm into the physical. It is the tool for converting spiritual realities into physical manifestations. Faith is the power and life-line of the believer. Exploits are done by faith. So also, great things and projects are achieved by faith. Faith is necessary for a victorious life in Christ. We need faith to stay winning and to thrive on this side of heaven.

Jesus already won all battles and obtained victories for us. However, to take this victories, we need faith to first receive, to claim, then to stand through until the blessings are fully manifested. We need faith to fight the victory fight. One of the areas where we need faith as a weapon is the area of focus. Satan bombards people with all types of distractions. We are to do all necessary to keep all distractions away.

We are to keep our eyes always on the Word of God and His Prophecies to us. We are never to allow the lies and the pressures to take our eyes from them. We are to stand firm and stay focused on the Word. This is how to fight and win the fight against distractions.

Prayer Points:

  1. Father, help me to win the fight against distractions and get my faith to receive all that You have for me in Jesus Mighty Name
  2. Father, help me stay focussed on the Word and Prophecies that You have given me for each aspect of my life in Jesus Mighty Name

©2021 Paul Olashore

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