Growing in God’s Love 1 (Believe You are Love)

Text: 1 John 4:7-8; 3:9

The world needs true love. It has always been filled with hate since the fall of man. Hate is from satan and he was the one who filled Cain’s heart with hate towards his brother Abel until he committed the first murder. Since then, hate has constantly been stirred among humans against one another by satan and his hosts. It has been the weapon that satan has used consistently to unleashed his bitter wrath on humans making them kill one another.

The world needs the ministration of God’s Love (Agape) and the saints are the only ones that have this Love. We are the ones who can give the love that no other can give. Others can give gifts of love, the care of Love, commitment of love, dedication of love because a lower dimension of Love is in the heart of all humans, but only believers can give the true spiritual milk and honey of Divine Love, which conquers death and its corruption. This lower dimension of love that humans have is weak, gives up easily and lacks the capacity to eradicate death and corruption.

By corruption, I means decadence. It is what makes anything left on its own to decay and rot. The Word says of Jesus, “You will not leave my soul in hades nor allow your holy one to see corruption”.  Jesus’ Body was not allowed to decay until He came back into it at resurrection. This was done through the anointing of his body for burial by the woman with the alabaster oil. Corruption makes everything to die and rot through gradually deterioration.

Care can not eradicate this death and corruption. Good support gifts cannot eradicate this death and corruption. Dedication and commitment also cannot eradicate this death and corruption. All these, humans can give, but only believers can give true Agape Love. Only true flow of Agape Love of God can cure. It will arrest death and kick out corruption. It is what we transmit in New Creation Compassion. The earth needs this love to be ministered to it. Humans need this Love to be ministered to them and all of creation will not survive with the atmosphere that has in it a measure of God’s Love.

We believers, New Creations in Christ are called to carry out this mission. We are to minister the Love of God to people, then to all creation and to the earth and universe themselves. Without us, the design of everything will collapse and disintegration follows. This disintegration and deterioration is what the corruption inside death do. But we can stop it.

The first thing we need to know to be able to minister the Love of God to all is that we are children of God and therefore carry His DNA. Our Father God is LOVE. He does not have Love. HE IS LOVE. Therefore, those of us born of Him are Love too. We are Love just as He is Love. I am Love and you are Love. We are all LOVE. Believing and accepting this is the first step in manifesting, giving and ministering the Love of God.

Prayer Points:
Father, I accept that I am Love and choose the life of Love in Jesus Mighty Name
Father, help me to see clearly who I am as Love just like You are in Jesus Mighty Name
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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