Growing in God’s Love 2 (Confess Who You Are)

Text: 1 John 4:7-8; 3:9

In the last study we saw that the people of the world need Love and that the universe also need Love. The whole of creation needs the Love of God and we believers are the only ones who have the fulness of this Love because we are Love (the Love of God called Agape)

Our assignment is to manifest, give and minister the Love of God. Manifesting Love is all about demonstrating the attributes of this Divine Love as revealed all over the scriptures, especially in 1 Corinthians 13:1-8. We are to manifest care, commitment, faithfulness, loyalty, support, comfort, standby and the crown of it generosity which makes us show kindness to one another especially for those in need.

Giving love is giving the gifts of love which are the attributes mentioned above to people with whom we have relationship. God expects us to give faithfulness, care, commitment and generosity to our spouse, children, parents, siblings and friends.

To minister love, we must minister the attributes of love according to God’s standard to all of creation and then minister the pure spiritual love (a spiritual entity that cannot eradicate death and corruption) to all. To people, family, creation and the earth and universe. Without love we cannot resolve conflict, we cannot resolve problem and establish lasting peace.

To be able to do this job effectively as believers, we need to believe we are Love and also start confessing and saying who we are. Saying and declaring who we are helps release who we are. It is the law of release in the spirit and works in all realms. It affects the spirit, soul and physical realms. You have to accept that you do not just have Love, but that you are actually this true Love called Agape. This is who you are and saying it will unleash what is inside your spirit already. You became so at New Birth when you accepted the gift of salvation and became born of God.

Prayer Points:
Father, I accept Your Workings in me and I declare that I am Love because I am born of You. You are Love, therefore I am Love in Jesus Mighty Name
Father, help to maintain the saying of who I am, so the Love I am can manifest, be given and be ministered in Jesus Mighty Name
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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