Growing in God’s Love 3 (Forgiveness and Gratitude)

Text: 1 John 4:7-8; 3:9

The believer is a New Creation. New Creation means we are a new species of God’s Creation. Only that we are not just created like others. We are born of God. Our spirits are spirits in God’s Class. We have His Nature and DNA. Whatever God is, we are because we His Children and the express image of His Person. Jesus made this possible when He died. His resurrection made possible the multiplication of the only Son of God to bring forth many Sons of God. Each one among humans become one of the Sons of God Jesus brought forth from resurrection when we accept the gift of the salvation He has brought to us.

We are God’s Children and have His Nature. God is Love and we are love too. We are hundred percent Love. We however have this love inside our spirits. Growing in Love is all about growing in the manifestation of it. Growing in the giving of it and growing in the ministering of Love to all.

To give love, we need to give forgiveness and gratitude. Gratitude to God and forgiveness to mankind. When you give God thanks and show gratitude for who He is and all He has done, then we are reciprocating His Love towards us. We are loving Him in return. We must constantly express gratitude to God and be grateful.

Giving forgiveness is one of primary ways we give love to others. People are not perfect. Even the New Creation in manifestation is not yet perfect. So they will make mistakes. The only way we can keep the earth and our world full of Love is to always give forgiveness to those who hurt or offend us. Otherwise we would our world and communities with hate and hate opens the door to death and corruption. Always be willingly to give forgiveness and do it like your Father, forgive and forget. Let it go totally. You will see yourself rise faster than you could ever imagine.

Prayer Points:
Father, by Your Nature of Love in me, I allow the power of forgiveness to rise and dominate me Thoughts, Will and Emotion, so that forgiving will be easy for me in Jesus Mighty Name
Father, help to always remember to show gratitude to You and ever be thankful for all You have done for me and still do in Jesus Mighty Name
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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