Heart/Love Ties

Text: Genesis 29:16-20
There are many types of ties that help people to connect and bond. Some
are healthy while some are not. Some bring bondage while others help form
great synergy that help in the building of great relationships and
accomplishment of great projects.
The ties that connect the heart and love of people together is one of the ties
that we need to know about. It is these two ties that really confirms that you
found or are with the right person for marriage. It continues to hold a spouse
together. It is important that the heart and love of two lovers connect and
bond. Making marriage a beautiful experience entails the connecting and
bond of the hearts and love of the two lovers. Without these, the home may
not be able to stand the test of the pressure the pull from the satanic system
of the world that tries to pull couples apart. The heart of lover A must
connect of Lover B. The Love of A must also connect to B.
It is important that you find this in a relationship before you go to the altar.
We sometime call this heart connecting the love chemistry between two
people. This heart connect is something that happens sometimes at the
instant of meeting and sometimes it takes time before it happens. You feel
the connect and energy between the two sync perfectly.
When this is not there anymore among spouses, they should seek God for
the rekindling of this connect.
Prayer Points:
Father, let my heart and spouse be connected in harmony and love so
we would be able to achieve great things together in Jesus Mighty
Father, rekindle the heart connect and love that we have lost. Fill us
with fresh love for one another in Jesus Mighty Name
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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