Paul Olashore has for over two decades lived, taught, preached, impart and pioneered the message of INTIMACY WITH GOD in Nigeria, many African Countries and North America.
On the Wings of the Holy Spirit, he has ministered to many through His Revelation Outreach Missions organized platforms. These platforms includes, Elohim’s Tabernacle, Revelation Seninars, School of Prophecy, Face to Face Conferences, Schools of the Spirit like ‘School of Tyrannus’ and others. The Move of Intimacy has been imparted to many in all the places God had led his son and minister.
Here are some of his popular quotes:
– God’s Presence is your natural habitat. Your fulness is unleashed only in His Presence
-The first purpose of man is for Intimacy with God. Dominion on earth comes after.
– The more man abides in God’s Presence, the more like God he manifest, the farther he is from God’s Presence, the more beastly he behaves
– Jesus is our Only access to God’s True and Genuine Manifest Presence.
– There is God’s General Presence and there is God’s Manifest Presence. You were made for His Manifest Presence
– The General Presence of God is everywhere but the Manifest Presence of God is not everywhere
– The General Presence of God has in it His Observatory and Monitoring Powers, but His Manifest Presence has His Fulness.
– You are created for Intimacy with God. The Elohim’s Koinonia (fellowship) in heaven is never complete until you take your place. The koinonia awaits you every morning.
– Your worship is the highest worship. It’s the best that God gets. It’s the worship of Sons and Daughters not Servants.
– Never let a day end again until God has receive worship from you.
– The Highest Worship you can offer is you in God’s Presence.
– Redemption is a means to an end. The end is Intimacy with God. Intimacy is to be with God in fellowship and Communion
– The death on the Cross is not the end. The Resurrection is not the end. The end is you and God together in fellowship, communion and rulership forever.
– We were made to fellowship, commune and have conversation with God daily
– The realms of tongues are the realms of God. The realms of tongues are the realms of the supernatural.
– Words are thoughts expressed through the vehicle of speech
– Thoughts are pictures of spiritual realities seeking opportunity to manifest in the physical
– Thoughts are pictures of unseen realities seeking opportunity to happen in our world
Partner with Pastor Paul Olashore in prayer and or with financial support as he continues the Apostolic Missions of:
– Raising a Global Community of the strongest set of Believers,
– Spreads and Imparts every man in every nation with the Intimacy with God.
– Help connect Saints to the fulness of the Power of Resurrection as the Spirit unleashes the Resurrected One in every believer in this Age of Resurrection
– Schools: Online and Terestrial
– Face to Face Ministers Conference
– Face to Face Youth Conventions
– Worship, Word and Wonders Services
– Compassions Outreaches: Outreaches to Needy and the challenged
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* To join the Financial Support Team free pokie downloads indian dreaming
* To host a School, Conference, convention or Outreach in your Nation or City

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