Keys to Abundance (The Planting Seed)

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Topic: Keys to Abundance (The Planting Seed)

Text: Genesis 1:11-13; 8:22; 26:12-14; Luke 6:38

Right in the center of the heart of God lies a desire for us to have an abundance. We know this because all of His generational promises (promises that He gave to the fathers and all the children for generations), have in the abundance. For example, He promised to make Abraham and all his seed great. He promised to bless him and his generations with abundance and said He said, He will make them a blessing to every nation and tribe on earth. Genesis 12:1-3. This is huge.

No child of God should have the mentality of insufficiency, because Your Father has done all that is needed for you to have an abundance. All that is needed now is for you to master how to take what is yours. We are studying how to take this abundance and we have seen that the first thing to have is total trust in your Father. The next is learning how to plant the seeds that bring forth your harvest.

Seedtime and the harvest were set up in the physical by God to set up the process for the multiplication of food and also to show how things are multiplied. If you want multiplication, then you need to master the principle and law of seedtime and harvest. Your harvest is already established, however, if you want to take this harvest that your Heavenly Father has left for you here, you need to know and master the law of seed and harvest.

There are three types of planting of a seed that you need to do. The first is the planting of spiritual seeds that release the flood of power, favor, and open heavens for you to prosper in whatever you do. This you do by planting seeds of your tithe, offerings, prophet offerings, and other types of offerings. The second is planting the seeds of whatever you want more in your life towards others. If you want open doors, then you have to open doors for others. Connect others and you will be connected.

The third is putting in the seeds of the necessary work, marketing, and trading with whatever you do, have or have been given. When you work, you are sowing your seeds. Isaac had to plant physical seeds in the earth to have the hundredfold harvest. Seek a better strategy and put it in. It’s part of your seed planting process. You are definitely having a harvest. Your Father has already made arrangements and all things are ready.

Prayer Points:

  1. Father, I accept the harvest that You have made available for me on this side of heaven in Jesus Mighty Name
  2. Father, I receive grace made available already for the planting my seeds for mighty harvest in Jesus Mighty Name.

©2020 Paul Olashore

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