Manifestation of the Sons of God (God’s Nature within us)

Text: Romans 8:19-23; Ephesians 4:22-24

We are living in the days of the manifestation of the sons of God. We are here at this time in mankind’s history, where the world will experience the manifestation of some very unusual people who will arise from the Church. They will begin to manifest very strange abilities than what the Church has be known to manifest.

One of the manifestations that will first come forth is the nature of God in the believer. Many believers will begin to manifest the nature of God within them. Characters and virtues that many saints have struggled to manifest will begin to manifest easily. They will be manifested easily because better knowledge on how to manifest will be poured on the Church. Also because more grace and anointing will be released through the knowledge of Christ that will be preached to make it easy to manifest.

We will have the true Agape Love of God manifesting through all believers. We will be able to operate in this greater love to the surprise of many in the world. We would be able to manifest all the attributes of Love, from patience to forgiveness to believing the best of all and all the other virtues of the Love of God. Humans beings will now experience what true Love is.

We will also have the manifestation of True Holiness, Righteousness, Humility and so on. All these Character virtues of Our Father in Heaven will be seen in lots and lots of believers. It will change how the world perceives and defines the Church. We just need to fellowship with His Word through studying, meditation, confession, believing that His Nature is in us and choosing to allow the nature within to dominate that on the outside (flesh). There is an anointing that is being poured now to help us walk in this.

Prayer Points:
Father, help me to be well positioned in the Word and Prayer to manifest Your Nature within me in Jesus Mighty Name.
Father, I receive the grace and anointing that will birth the manifestation of what I am on the inside in Jesus Mighty Name
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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