Manifestation of the Sons of God (Your True Personality)

Text: Romans 8:19-23;

The manifestation of the sons of God is imminent in the days we live in. It is so needed otherwise humans will plunge the entirety of creation into a disastrous ending. Humans are not capable to lead creation further than has been done. The Sons of God must take the lead now. We have all solutions locked up inside us. The liberation of all of Creation is within us. The moral GPS to use all advancement in science and technology positively is within us. Humans will definitely use the knowledge being found in quantum physics and nanotechnology to destroy creation. We just have to manifest. We have to take the lead. We cannot continue manifesting just as religiously committed humans any more. We have to go beyond this and manifest who we really are, Sons of God.

This manifestation will have within it the manifestation of each believer’s unique identity. The fulness of this uniqueness will be unleashed in these days. Everyone will manifest their unique personality, configuration and wiring. There is an inner working going on right now within saints that is helping each one among us find their unique personality and discover their unique wiring and configuration.

These are found as we fellowship more intimately with Our Heavenly Father. The more you stay in His Presence and communion with Him, the more your uniqueness ascends out of the debris of all pollutions from the past, upbringing, environment and knowledge that you have been exposed to and and have come to accept. Within the current you lies real you. This real you has a configuration and wiring that God has put there to draw to you all that you need in this life. All the things you need are programmed to find and connect to the configuration and wiring of the real you. Finding and freeing the real you is therefore a major project you need to embark on.

Prayer Points:
Father, help me to locate and unleash the real me in Jesus Mighty Name.
Father, let there be the full manifestation of my true configuration and wiring in Jesus Mighty Name
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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