Parable of Talents

Text: Matthew 25:14-30

Parables are one of the ways Jesus gave the Church Kingdom secrets and at the same time hide it from regular people. The unbeliever hears the story but does not understand its content. The parable of talents is another very popular parable of Christ. It is a great parable.

The parable is teaching many strong lessons. First that God has given everyone one of us something to profit with in this life. They may be in an unreformed state or in state where they are not yet coupled together, but that you having something from God is sure and definite. God has placed somethings in you and on you that will help thrive and prevail in life and succeed. You have in you. Seek it or them out and work on them until they are doing what they are supposed to doing in your life.

Secondly, it is teaching us that we need to engage whatever it is we are given, whether money, talents, gifts, opportunities, open doors and be profitable with it. This is the conversion process and many are failing at this. Ask Him today for wisdom to multiply and make profit from whatever you have been given. You have a talent, find where it is needed and place value on it and let it yield a financial flow for you. Even if All you have seen is just that doors open for you easily, then organize it to generate income for you. You have been given something, use it.

Thirdly, this parable is teaching us to know that all our results must bring Him Glory. We will report to Him finally and then receive eternal reward. So whatever we are doing must bring glory to Him and represent Him.

Finally, never let yourself look at what you have and say it is small or that you will not use it the way God wants you to use it. Never lock up you gift or whatever you are given. If you have be doing this, ask for forgiveness. Go into your archives, dust off and bring out what you are given and let it begin to bless people and generate income. The Lord will be pleased with you.

Prayer Points:
Father, help me to locate all you have given me and use them to bless humanity and profit from them all in Jesus Mighty Name
Father, given me the wisdom to use whatever You have given me for Your Glory and my blessing in Jesus Mighty NamE
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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