Parable of the Hirelings

Text: John 10:11-15

Many of Jesus teachings while He was here were in parables. These parables have hidden in them the keys or secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven. Knowing and understanding them is therefore important for every believer. Take out time to study the parables and what they mean.

The short parable here about the hireling is giving us a strong lesson on who should be a shepherd (Pastor, Parent, Guardian, Teacher, Boss etc). The parable described a true shepherd as having one major characteristic of readiness to lay down his life for his sheep. The hireling is not willing to do anything because he is not the owner of the sheep and all that attaches him to the sheep is the salary he will get at the end of his contract.

The life of the shepherd is tied to the sheep and vice versa. The hireling has no attachment than to the payment he will get at the end of his contract. So when danger comes to the sheep, the hireling runs while the shepherd stand.

The shepherd has a relationship with the sheep, so he cannot just turn his face they are under attack.

Is your pastor, boss, teacher, guardian or parent a hireling or a true shepherd. Is the person just in it for the money, fame or favours. Are you a true shepherd also in your sphere of influence. Do you genuinely care for people or you are just about what you can get from them. Are they people to you or just doors, opportunity, tools or weapons. If this is how you see and treat everyone around you, then you are a hireling, and you will need to repent and change.

It takes a selfish and callous heart to be a hireling. However, it takes a good and compassionate heart to be a shepherd. You need to connect properly to people and seek to be a blessing to them as a service to God and then you will be developing the heart of a shepherd. Be like Jesus, be a true shepherd to people you are in relationship with. Care genuinely, love truly and help sincerely.

Prayer Points:
Father, help me to be a shepherd with the right and good qualities in Jesus Mighty Name
Father, remove far from me the selfish heart of the hireling and help me to walk in Your Perfect Will in Jesus Mighty Name.
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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