Passion Ties

Text: Genesis 29:15-20

Passion is the emotional energy that we feel for things that are of importance to us. We feel this emotional energy for the things we love doing. We feel it also when trying to fix a problem that our core being distaste. We feel this energy also when we love someone so much. We call this type of passion affection.

In love relationship, passion tie is when two people are passionate about satisfying and helping one another. Between lovers and spouses, this should be encouraged and built. It makes the love between the two to remain hot and strong always. We call this passion between lovers deep affection for one another. It is something that should not be allowed to released towards another other than your lover and spouse.

Thee love of Jacob for Rachel was a passionate love that tied them together. It was also clean because seven years of serving to be able to marry Rachel looked like few weeks in the eyes of Jacob’s love for her. He kept their relationship clean though passionate till marriage was allowed.

There can also be passion or clean affection between friends, siblings, parents to children and so on. This energy forms a ties of affection between the parties and keeps them committed and loyal.

Prayer Points:
Father, heal my passion and affection and let there be true restoration in Jesus Mighty Name.
Father, let affection between me and my spouse/lover grow deeper and stronger in Jesus Mighty Name.
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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