Relationship 101 (Part 4)

Text: Number 12:6-8; John 4:24

Relationship is the heart of life. Life is beautifully wired when you have healthy relationships. The mother of relationships and the one that keeps all other relationship working is your relationship with God. You easily see how healthy a person’s relationship is with God by how they are treating all other relationships they are in. If your relationship with God is healthy, rich and strong, then your relationship with other people will be strong too.

Your relationship with God is your first relationship. God wants to have a healthy relationship with you. To build a healthy relationship with God, it is necessary to understand God’s needs so you can be a giver in that area. Remember, that the golden rule in any relationship is to understand the needs of the person you are relating with and to be the giver toward needs. God’s basic need is you in His Presence. He wants you in His Presence. Many years ago, God said, “your presence in My Presence makes my day”.

Secondly, God wants your worship, because it’s the worship of His Children. It is higher than the worship of angels who are servants. He desires our worship. The third need of  God is that you make yourself available in intercession to pray His Will on earth. This allows Him to move and manifest here.

Build your relationship with God by spending time with Him through the Bible, Worship and praying. It is not how long you spend in His Presence that counts, though spending long time in His Presence helps us to press through all distractions to focus on Him But how consistent and focused are you when you are with Him?. Make up your mind and decide to build an intimate relationship with God today.

Prayer Points:

  1. Father, help me to build a healthy, rich and strong intimacy with You in Jesus Mighty Name.
  2. Father, help me to be consistent and focused in my fellowship time with You in Jesus Mighty Name.
  3. Father, help me to constantly minister to Your needs of Intimacy, Worship and Intercession. Help to be faithful in Jesus Mighty Name.

Paul Olashore

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