Righteousness Consciousness 1

Text: Romans 5:12-18; Hebrews 10:35-37

Righteousness is one of the greatest gifts of Redemption. It is one of the greatest blessings that we enjoy as children of God. When properly understood and embraced, it helps the believer to arise in faith and believe for all things from God. It also helps us to see the power of God in manifestation.

Righteousness is a gift, not something you earn or do. The acts of righteousness that we’re able to do is a direct result of the gifts that Jesus received from the Father for us at his resurrection. Righteousness is a gift. The righteous standing before God is a gift. So also are its manifestations.

One of the blessings of righteousness is that it gives you an awareness that helps your faith to take off and soar. Faith ascends and grows speedily in the hearts of those who have a clear revelation of righteousness. Faith thrives in the heart of a child of God when there is a revelation of righteousness.

The first blessing that righteousness brings to the believer is right standing with God.

Right standing gives you approval always in God’s Presence. It’s a permanent status of being approved before God. It is a gift from God.

Right standing is what a child enjoys in the presence of his or her parents. The child does not try to earn that approval. The child accepts that approval and acts confidently on it not because he has done anything to earn it but because he or she has seen through the expressions of the love of the parents that he or she is approved in the parents’ presence. This child can approach the parents confidently at any moment to ask and receive anything from the parents because he or she has right standing with them.

In the same way, we have a right standing with God, not because of anything we own or have done. All the works of men could not obtain for them right standing with God. People try to get approval from God based on their abilities and works. Perhaps through obedience or through the observation of spiritual activities. We often believe that this will help one to stand approved in God’s Presence. This worked under the Old Testament but it was still not enough.

When we become born of God, this approval is given as a gift. When we recognize that it is truly a gift to be enjoyed,  we become confident in His love for us. We also begin to grow with the courage to believe for big things and the faith that knows without a doubt that anything we ask of the Father will not be refused. This confidence is what Paul said we should hold on to.

Prayer Points:

  1. Father, fill me the revelation of righteousness and help me walk in its truth confidently in Jesus Mighty Name
  2. Father, I accept righteousness as a gift. I accept the right standing with God and I receive confidence and boldness in approaching God because He loves me in Jesus Mighty Name

©2020 Paul Olashore


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