Seizing Souls for God (Seize them through Example)

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Topic: Seizing Souls for God (Seize them through Example)

Text: 1 Peter 3:1-5

One of the things that I have seen in my over three decades of walking with God, is that one of the most important assignments in the kingdom that is most paramount in this kingdom of God and seemingly enjoys the greatest of kingdom power and wealth is the assignment of winning souls. One ministry that enjoys the greatest dimensions of miracles and wealth is the ministry of winning the souls of men into the kingdom. From my observation, God pours the best of the kingdom on any commission that makes the soul-winning the highest of their assignment. Note that this is my personal conclusion. I am not presenting a doctrine here. God definitely delights in seeing more children added to His Kingdom.

We must have our hearts and passion also on this most important assignment that Jesus left the Church before ascending to heaven. We must all participate in the winning of souls into the kingdom. And one of the major ways of doing this is by preaching to everyone that God gives us the opportunity to have a conversation with. The second is by making our lives an example of what God’s salvation can make of a man or woman.

Peter encouraged the women to try and win their husbands through their behavior and lifestyle. This imparts in the heart of the people around us. It pulls down the lies that satan has set in their minds and hearts as a stronghold to hinder them from accepting the light and salvation available for them.

Let’s be light and an example through how we live our lives and conduct ourselves. Let the power of God help you to be a true light to all around you. Through observing your life and how you live out the Word of God, the darkness in them will be condemned and the message of the Cross will gain ascendancy in their hearts. It’s time to know that we do not live to ourselves only. Others’ lives are tied to ours and their salvation will be determined by how we live and conduct ourselves in this world.

Prayer Points:

  1. Father, help me to live a life that shines the light of the gospel to all around me to draw them into the kingdom in Jesus Mighty Name
  2. Father, manifest Yourself through me and shine the light through me to destroy all strongholds holding people around me down in the kingdom of satan in Jesus Mighty Name

©2020 Paul Olashore

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