Soul Ties

Text: 1 Samuel 18:1-6

Soul tie happens when two people are tied together in the soul and have their mind, will and in particular their emotions connecting in a bond. A soul tie is good when it exist between husband and wife. Their mind unites, their wills agrees and emotions connect and bonds in a beautiful and blissful union. This helps their union and relationship to grow and become more and more beneficial to both and by extension those around them.

There is a soul tie that is healthy outside the home and that is when people in a company, department, team or church are one in mind. This brings them into oneness in purpose and vision. The common vision unites their minds and helps them to draw from the same realm of inspiration and strength in the spirit. This helps them to flow together and be able to achieve great things. This oneness does not imply that they will always see the same but it will help to always agree on a way because their inspiration and strength are coming from the same realm that is the bond of their unity.

The negative soul tie is when two people who are not married, are emotional tied to one another. This bond makes them to crave one another’s company more that those of their true lovers. Many homes have been lost due to this unholy alliances. There is a need for married and engaged people to beware of allowing this to develop between them and anyone who is not their lover or spouse. There is need to stop this types of relationships by choosing to wind it down and pray for grace to put it to a stop whenever you notice it in your life or around you.

Prayer Points:
Father, I receive totally freedom from wrong and unclean soul ties. Help me to stay clean always in Jesus Mighty Name
Father, help me to bond well with all the right relationships You have set in my life in Jesus Mighty Name.
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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