Spirit Ties

Text: 1 Corinthians 6:17
There many types of ties that connect humans and sometimes connects us
with spirit beings. The highest type of ties are spirit ties. A spirit tie is when a
human spirit and another human spirit connects and bonds. It could be a
positive connection and it could be negative or oppressive connection where
one is slaved by the other.
The highest spirit ties that exist is the one between Jesus and the every New
Creation (born again person). Our spirits and Jesus’ spirit actually fuses
together to become one. The scripture says those of us who are born again
have become one spirit with Him because we are joined to Him. This union
when believed and accepted makes whatever is in Christ manifest also in
you. From nature, to information and current passions of the King of kings,
all of these you share with Him.
This connection keeps us eternally secured with Him. Our spirits and lives
are hid with Christ inside God. This connection keeps His Life flowing
constantly to us and His substance constantly touching us and flowing within
us. This tie fills our mind with Christ mind thus filling our thoughts with His
thoughts. We are constantly charge with His Energy and Power because we
are one with Him.
When this tie is with a demonic spirit, it is destructive because it gives the
wicked spirit access to the person core being and therefore can use it to
trigger curses, terrible sickness and all sorts of oppression. People expose
themselves and get ties with evil spirit when people consciously with
determination give themselves to occultic activities, sinful activities and
wicked activities.
These activities exposes a person to evil spirit and thus form a tie with such
spirit that the desires of the spirit becomes their natural desire of the person.
These desires manifest as uncontrolled sex, occultic activities and all types
of evil desires. Never give yourself totally to any activity that does not glorify
God. It exposes you to spirit ties with evil spirits.
Prayer Points:
Father, I accept the connection that You have given me with Christ. I
am united with Christ in spirit in Jesus Name
Father, I allow the full benefit of my union with Christ. I receive in my
life the manifestation of the fullness of Christ in Jesus Mighty Name
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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