The Defense of the Man of War

Text: 2 Kings 19:32-37

The Almighty Ancient of Days is revealing Himself to us this new season in all His multi-dimensions. However,  by His specific Word, He is showing more His dimension as the Man of War. We will have fantastic experiences with His Power and Character as the Man of War than we have ever had in our individual lives and corporately as His Body. More manifestations of this aspect of God would be experienced by all this year.

One of the aspect of the Man of War that I want to share with you is His Defense. Every military has their defense strength and it is always based on their defense strategy, army strength and skills, weapons strength and strategy. All of these, Your Father in Heaven possesses at the highest level.

The defense of the Man of War is one main thing that we would all enjoy this new season and for the rest of our lives.  We would experience the defense strength of our  Man of War in weapon and army. One of His Hosts has capacity to destroy in one night of battle 185,000 marines of America or blue army of Russia and the mercenaries of Israel. That is how strong each  member of His Army is. Each angel soldier is so strong that they can increase their strength and capacity to the level of the responsibility and battle. This means that the single angel that killed 185,000 can kill 1,000,000 if he alone was sent to this battle. They excel in strength.( Psalms 103:20). They just increase their strength to the capacity of the assignment and responsibility. What an army. Secondly, this army is innumerable in number. Hebrews 12:22. Simply put, they will always outnumber any host anywhere in all the realms of existence. They will also out-number even the coming together of all  the host in the realms of existence.

Thirdly, their sophistication is far beyond all that exist anywhere else both in strategy and technology. And they have the added advantage of being able to operate both in the physical and spiritual at the same time. They can choose to be seen and may choose to be invisible. This army of the Lord has excelled abundantly in strength over the years. Their level in strategy cannot be beaten, their number is overwhelming and their strength is simply unbeatable.

Now all these all arranged as your defense. They provide security and protection for you. You simply become untouchable. Any power that tries to touch you is simply terminated before planning is concluded and wiped out into non- existence. You actually should dwell in the confidence of their protection and safety. It is the safety of your Father, the Man of War.

Prayer Points:

  1. Father, I accept the protection of the Man of War and His Hosts in all areas of my life in Jesus Mighty Name.
  2. Father, let Jehovah the Man of War build His Defense around me and all that are mine in Jesus Mighty Name.
  3. Father, surround me with Your Mighty Host Who excel in strength and capacity more than the assignment in Jesus Mighty Name.

Paul Olashore.

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