The Mighty Rock Our Stability

Text: 1 Corinthians 10:1-4; Matthew 7:24-27

Jesus Christ was the Rock that followed the Israelites all through the wilderness. He was their sufficiency, their defense in other areas. We also have Him as these things and more in the New Dispensation.

He is our Rock, He is the one on whom we build our lives. Anything built on Him stands and last forever.

We build our homes on Him by committing our home to Him and acknowledging by seeking His opinion on all issues and matters. We build all other areas of our lives on Him by committing them to Him and seeking His Guidance.

When any area of our lives is built on the true Rock, no circumstance of life and event can change it. Our Rock, Jesus Christ is not like any other rock that disappoints, He does not disappoint or fail. He is able to uphold us and keep us from all darkness.

Prayer Points:

1. Father, I receive the ministry of Jesus the Rock, i receive establishment and stability in Jesus Name

2. Father, I declare that I am rooted and established in the Rock of Ages in Jesus Mighty Name

Paul Olashore.

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