The Mirror of God (The Face of God in Communion)

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Topic: The Mirror of God (The Face of God in Communion)

Text: Exodus 34:29-35

The mirror of God is different from the regular mirrors that we know. God’s mirror has the revelation of God that you are to manifest here on earth and the more you behold, the more you will conform to it and manifest it here in the physical.

Note clearly that what you are beholding in the mirror is the Face of Your Father God. You are shown the general features of the Father and Christ that you are to conform to and also the unique dimension of the Father that you are to radiate. As you behold these dimensions every day, you will continue to manifest more like them in the physical.

This Face of God is available in different places. Today we are looking at the Face of the Lord that is available in the place of worship. Every time you are worshipping God and you are focused on Him, singing and ministering the words of the song to Him, you are beholding His Face in the spirit and are being changed into the image you are beholding.

It is therefore important that you always concentrate when worshipping. Concentrate, minister the words of the song directly to God from your heart and mean every word. This positions you for the proper beholding of His Face. Yes, you are not seeing Him physically, but you are beholding Him in the spirit and are being transformed to be exactly like Him.

Prayer Point:

  1. Father, help me to always behold You in Worship and conform more and more to Your Image, manifesting more like you in Jesus Mighty Name
  2. Father, help me to master concentrating, focusing on You and ministering the words in worship to You so I can behold You and look more and more like You in Jesus Mighty Name

©2020 Paul Olashore

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