The Sevenfold Blessings of God

Text: Revelation 5:12; Galatians 3:13-14

The Sevenfold blessing of God speaks of the blessings that manifest as proof of God’s glory on our lives. These seven blessings are for us to both enjoy and witness the Father. Today, we are looking at what these blessings are and how to allow them manifest in our lives.

These blessings were received by Jesus after His Resurrection which He then shares with us, His Brethren. The first of them is the blessing itself.

The blessing is the spiritual empowerment that God gave to the first three fathers (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) with whom He made the covenant for Israel and the Church. This power helped them succeed and excel where others failed. It helped them thrive in all their endeavours. This blessing was passed from generation to generation. Through the bible, we see that it had the same effect and achieved the same results of super-empowerment in each generation.

How do we enjoy this blessing? It is very simple. We have to accept that it has already been imparted to us at Salvation. The scriptures say that the blessing of Abraham has come on us the Gentiles through Christ. We have the blessing and so each us has the supernatural enablement to help us succeed in whatever we do.

The second blessing is the glory. The glory is the weight and essence of God that is added to all that we do and gives us the push into the successes that we seek and beyond. The glory adds all of God’s to whatever we have: God’s hand, God’s power, and His Wisdom. God’s Glory adds God’s weight and influence to whatever we are doing and brings us to the place of abundance.

Prayer Points:

  1. Father let Your Blessing rest mightily on my life and on all that I do in Jesus Mighty Name
  2. Father, let Your Glory fill my life with all of Your Fullness for every area of my life in Jesus Mighty Name

©2021 Paul Olashore

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