When Men Met God (Abraham’s Encounter)

Text: Genesis 12:1-3; 18:1-16

Meeting God is one important part of person’s experience. Without it, life is incomplete. One major thing that an encounter with God does is that it helps grow the intimate relationship with God. All the patriarchs of the faith had their own personal encounter with God.

Abraham’s encounter brought him in contact with God’s Voice and Presence, then he had some experiences that was God appearing in Angels with human form. He was able to recognize this and open up to God. This further gave direction to his purpose and the main blessing attached to that purpose. Abraham was to start a nation that will fear God and have His Laws so they could be purified and thus produce the body that God will dwell in when He comes to complete the work of our redemption. The perfect body was found in Mary hundreds of years after Abraham. A child has to be born to Abraham that will be a product of God’s Promise and Power. This child was Isaac. He got the extra grace and instruction he needed to have Isaac during one of his encounters with God.

God can decide to give you encounters like He gave Abraham. Encounters with His Voice and Presence. He can also give physical encounters with Him through the appearing of His Angels. Look out for the encounters that will bring God into your affairs and help established all His Promises and Prophecies.

Prayer Points:
Father, I receive the opening of my heart to the encounters with God that will fast track the fulfillment of the promises and prophecies of God for me in Jesus Mighty Name.
Father, I receive encounters with Your Presence, Your Voice and the Angel of Your Presence in Jesus Mighty Name.
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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