When Men Met God (Moses’ Encounter)

Text: Exodus 3:1-10
Meeting God is the greatest and most important experience any human can
have. It is a necessary experience during the journey through this physical
life. Meeting God establishes a relationship and fellowship with God that is
very intimate and real.
Moses was a man who was aware of his passions and desires. These passion
and desire were about setting his brothers free from the oppression of the
Egyptians. He desired to fulfill this purpose, but there was no way he will
walk into its fulfillment without meeting the giver of Vision and Purpose.
His meeting with God helped to set his purpose right with clear cut strategy
and instruction that will involve God’s Power and Might. This made him a
legend and gave him a great legacy.
In his encounter, he saw, felt and heard God. He saw a sight that could have
only been created by God. He saw fire burning a bush, but not consuming it.
He felt the Presence
of God and he heard God’s Voice.
In your encounters with God this year, expect to see something from God.
Feel the Presence of God and hear the Voice of God. This type of experiences
dominated Moses life. They were true encounter with the true God and they
all him have a very intimate relationship with God. They also helped take
bold and positive steps because, he knew that he was hearing from the true
God. This is God’s desire for you too. That like Moses you will encounter Him,
know His Voice and be bold with His instructions.
Prayer Points:
Father, I receive true encounters with you that will help know you more
in Jesus Mighty Name
Father, I receive the encounter that makes clear to me Your Purpose
for my life in Jesus Mighty Name.
Father, I receive the encounter that will help me engage You and Your
Power in the fulfillment of my purpose and vision in Jesus Mighty Name
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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