When Men Met God (Paul’s Encounter)

Text: Acts 9:1-9

When men (male and female) meet with God, great and impacting lives are born. Gifts and talents can make a person known and great, but when they have encounters with God, a great and impacting life is born. The walk with God makes a person unique. God and His Power are more involved in whatever the person does. If ordinary talents from God can lift a man or woman and give them a lofty place among men. Imagine what a relationship with God will add to that.

Paul had talents in the law and in defending it. He was strong and prominent among the Jews. However, after his encounter with God, he became a great man whose works and letters we are still using till date. His legacy continues forever. He encountered God as a bright Light and a Voice speaking to him.

God may also decided to give you an encounter with Him like Paul had. He may decide that you will have an encounter with His Light or with His Glory. His Voice can also be there talking to you

Prayer Points:
Father, I receive encounters with You that will build a great life with great legacy for me in Jesus Mighty Name
Father, open my eyes to see You and Your Glory like Paul did in Jesus Mighty Name.
(C)2020 Paul Olashore

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