Who am I that You Choose me as Your own

Text: Romans 8:15-17

Who am I and what am I that You choose to speak to me and engage me in conversation with You. You, who Angels long to hear speak, You who spoke and all things came into existence, whose Voice spoke once but continues to effect what has been said. Who am I and what am I that I will qualify to hear the Voice that calms the sea, that set their boundaries, that spoke and seeds are still bearing plants, trees and fruits. That spoke once and the uncountable number of galaxies and billions upon billions of stars in each galaxy came into existence. Who spoke and the earth came into being and started rotating round the Sun and still continues on its journey round the sun. Who am I to deserve Your Voice. Who am I to qualify to hear or discern Your Voice.

Yet, You chose to speak to me. You chose to reveal Your Golden Voice to me. You chose to allow my spirit to accommodate Your Voice. You chose to derive pleasure in communing with me and giving me access to Your Voice.

Who am l and what am I? I am Your satisfaction. My presence in Your Presence makes Your day. It still amazes me. What am I? You have chosen to share the highest type of conversation with me. The one no angel has ever experience, which no man has ever experience, which only happens within the three persons of the Godhead. You chose to this Koinonia (fellowship) with me. Speaking to me like You all talk in the Godhead, the Elohim family.

Who am I? I am the Chosen, the Elect, the Beloved, the Precious One, the Peculiar One and the Highly Favored One. How did I become all of these without doing anything. Without living long enough to be able do somethings that eternity may even consider as something. How did I come to deserve this special honor, attention and favor? All because You Chose Me. I am eternally grateful Daddy. Thank You again and again.

Prayer Points:

  1. Father, thank you for Choosing me as the one with whom you can have conversation. I am honored. Thank You Sir
  2. Father, Thank You for choosing me and having conversations with me. I am privileged. Thank You Sir.

Paul Olashore.

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